wantitdummyWANT IT (It Factor #2)

Whip-smart Brody Phelan has his hands full keeping the peace between his six brothers and cousins and managing the finances for Wolfshead, his family’s brewery and distillery. He’s gladly sacrificed his own happiness in order to help his family, but from the moment he sees feisty, curvy Juliette Costa he wants to claim her for his own. Too bad their clans are at war and Juliette sees him as the enemy.

Juliette wants one thing—freedom. Problem is she can’t get it while she’s constantly helping with her family’s business, dodging her relatives’ misguided efforts to fix her up, and cleaning up her brothers’ messes. Now the hot, bearded CFO next door has decided she’s the one, but how can she fall for a man whose main goal in life is compromise when she doesn’t want that for herself?

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