In Star Harbor, the Rusty Nail is where locals go to grab a beer, relax, and catch up with friends. Here, it’s where you get peeks behind the scenes of all of Elisabeth’s books!

Behind the scenes of ….

Deep Autumn Heat

Deep Autumn Heat was actually the second book I wrote in the Star Harbor series (the first was Long Simmering Spring, in which Lexie Meyers was a supporting character).

Lexie’s original name was Larry (short for Larissa). A friend wisely suggested a change.

The first scene in Lexie’s restaurant was the first scene I wrote for the book.

In the garden scene, when Seb is singing a classic rock tune, the song he’s singing is Can’t Get Enough by Bad Company.

Blaze of Winter

Theo’s nickname was almost Teddy.

A bonus scene that takes place just prior to the start of the book can be found here.

Long Simmering Spring 

Long Simmering Spring was the first book I wrote in the Star Harbor series, and its original title was Slow Summer Burn (now the title of the fourth book in the series). Cole and Julie were still the hero and heroine, though!

Many scenes were written and cut from this book. I may post some of them here.

Slow Summer Burn

Slow Summer Burn was the very first title I thought up for the series. It was originally slated to be Cole’s story, but when the books shifted, the titles shifted too, and Val was the lucky recipient.

The title was inspired by the movie Body Heat. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should.

Cameron’s sister, Cecile, was originally named Camille. My editor nixed Camille, rightly so, by pointing out that the sisters’ nicknames would be Cam and Cam.

The Commonwealth Club in Boston really exists. However, the scenes from the book that take place inside the Commonwealth Club were actually inspired by the interior of the Harvard Club.